Monday, August 25, 2008

A lot going on

I'm still here! My computer is still sick, and I've finally gotten internet at work, but my blogs have not been consistent still, as I was reminded of this last night (thanks, Patrick!) A lot has been going on: new project at work finally is up and running, doctor's appointments and tests (I've had this sharp pain in my side for nearly two weeks..not fun!) getting ready to go to Croatia, life in general!

This weekend I went to columbia for my old youth minister's surprise 40th birthday/5 year church anniversary party. The kids were so excited to see Nana and made Nana feel extra special..ahh, i love these kids, but it's so nice to leave them at their house! LOL

So much has happened....a lot of reflection going on. But I will share this cool story that God has used to rock my world. A few posts back, I mentioned about my dear friend who was diagnosed with cancer and facing an uncertain road. About three weeks ago, he was having further tests to see what type of treatment needed to be done, stages, etc. Well, he called me a few days after he had the tests done and the doctors gave him a clean bill of health!!! No cancer any where! And on top of it...there was no evidence of scar tissue from the three previous surgeries nearly four years ago. I was speechless!!! I've heard of stories about people who have had this happened to them, but I never knew anyone personally. I saw how sick my friend sick that he was in so much pain that he could barely lift his head. I was reminded of Thomas when Jesus told him to place his hands where the nails had been...that was the only way that Thomas would believe. Sometimes seeing is believing! This just reminded me of how God is truly the Great Physician and that He is still in the miracle business. I think sometimes we forget this. So look around, God still performs miracles! More later!

Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm still alive

Just a quick update....i'm still here! my internet has been down on my computer at home and at work!!!! I promise I'll write more soon! But my news is this: I'M GOING TO CROATIA!!!! I'm super uber excited. It's a mission trip to lead a women's conference for missionary wives. I'm going as a counselor. I'm thrilled beyond belief, amazed at how God put all the pieces together. More soon