Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving..the day after!

I had typed a post last night and then somehow, right before I clicked post, I hit something and it disappeared! I was too tired to type it again! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, probably the best in a long time. There wasn't really anything different about it, I think it was just my mindset- a bit more appreciative of things. I'm able to be home for 2 days longer because of work, so that's nice.

For Thanksgiving, we made our trek to my great-aunt's house. I love Thanksgiving there! We all cram into the house and the kitchen, and the house is full of laughter and good smells. Although the number of people has gotten smaller over the years, the love and laughter hasn't changed one bit.

Then there was Black Friday- we are crazy! My mom, me, and my aunt hit the mall. We've been going every year since I can remember- I've only missed one Black Friday and that was a few years ago, when I went to the LSU/Arkansas game. I'm almost completely done with my christmas shopping and I got a few things for me-on sale!

Saturday, my dad and I are going to the LSU/Arkansas game. We managed to get tickets from my cousin. I'm super excited...I love the Tigers, even though I don't know much about football. It's just something about being in Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night! And it's something that I get to share with my daddy, so even better!

There is so much that I have to be Thankful for this year. Here are just a few.

  • My house. The buying process was very stressful, but I'm so thankful that I was able to buy my own home, and be able to make it my own. I'm looking forward to having Christmas parties there, finish decorating it and really "living in it".
  • New friendships this year. The Lord really knew that I needed girlfriends who were in the same season as me. Two of my close friends both got married this year and another is getting married this summer, so it's been a struggle for times, I feel like I'm constantly being reminded that I'm single. But God knew my heart and has sent me two precious friends that I can laugh with and do life with.
  • My church- I love my church. I'm so thankful that I belong to a body of believers who are the body of Christ. I am thankful for the worship and teaching that is brought to us each week. I love my LIFE group and how God is using us.
  • My lifelong friend- my BFF Jessica and my niece, Vivienne. I got to spend some time with them earlier this week. Vivienne showed her Aunt Ash her new trick: blowing bubbles! I love that little girl- can't wait to watch her grow up and continue to steal my heart. I love how Jess and I can go for a while without seeing each other, but we can pick right back up where we left off.
  • My family- I'm so blessed beyond measure. Not only was I raised in a Christian home with godly parents, but I was blessed with godly grandparents also.
  • My job- I'm so blessed to be working in ministry doing my dream job. There are moments when I think I want to quit and ask God, "What were you thinking when you called me to do this??" but the hugs and smiles from my kids make it worthwhile.
  • My college years. Earlier this week, I got to drive through my college campus. I passed by the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM). I hated that it was locked and I couldn't go in. The B played such a huge part of my life during those 4 years and helped me to become the person I am today. There, I learned how to do ministry, the importance of servant leadership and the meaning of true friendship. I grew so much in my faith and walk during those times. I met some incredible people and made friendships to last a lifetime.
  • Being able to go to Ridgecrest. I spent Labor day in Asheville, NC at Ridgecrest for Single's Adventure Weekend. There, I literally had a mountain top experience (3 miles up the mountain!) but the whole weekend was a breath of fresh air to my weary soul.
  • Contentment in being single. I know that I often write about this a lot, but it's where I am at the moment. I finally feel content being single, like I've pushed past the wall. I'm not exactly sure how it all took place, but all I can say is that it's the Lord's work. He finally healed my heart and helped me to see that what I thought I wanted wasn't really His best for me, but just a taste of what is to come.
  • The treasure of friendships. Losing my precious friend Wendi really helped me to see the treasure that I have in my friendships. Wendi was so intentional in all that she did. I miss her smile and her laugh.

So even though life looks very different from what I had pictured it to be at this point, I have so much to be truly thankful for this year.