Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time is Here!

It's Christmas and believe it or not, it actually feels like Christmas outside!(Unlike Thanksgiving when it was 78 degrees!) I've been home for nearly a week and will be here until Monday when I head to New Orleans for work, which means I won't be back to my house until late Tuesday...I miss my house! It's been fun, but I'm always ready to get back to my own routine.

This week has included spending a lot of bonding time with my parents, which has been nice. They decided they wanted to get a digital camera so my dad and I went to pick it out (I did the picking out, he paid! LOL) They are a little technology challenged! My 2nd niece was born last week so Aunt Ash got to see my girls- so sweet. Viv has mastered saying "Ash" and it brings a smile to my face every time she says it.

Christmas Eve was spent at my cousins with gumb and shrimp and corn soup- delicious! We popped fireworks afterwards and the little ones loved it. My little cousin loved using my Flip video camera and decided she wanted one- she forgets that she's only 8! We then went to my mom's sisters house and ate some more goodies and exchanged presents. Christmas morning we ate the traditional breakfast casserole and opened presents- I got bar stools! It's so funny the things that you get excited about as an adult. We then headed to a fancy hotel downtown for lunch- oh my! So good. This afternoon has been a lazy one, as it's cold and rainy.

This Christmas has been so different, especially with it being the first one without Maw Maw. She always loved Christmas and for the longest time we would all crowd into her house. A few memories over the years:
  • The year she cut down a Christmas tree from the woods behind her house. She was probably well into her 70's when she did this! It was a Charlie Brown tree, but that is one of my favorite memories.
  • The year we almost had ham sandwiches for Christmas Eve supper because it turned really cold and the pipes froze.
  • Seeing our handmade stockings (not by her, but she had them made) hung on the door
  • Our ornaments that had our names on it. Last year, we got these in our stockings. Mine is on my tree this year.
  • Date cookies- one day, I'm going to find a receipe for this!
  • Going to the christmas parade in Zachary
  • Going to the Christmas pageant at FBC Zachary
  • Everyone crowding into the house for Christmas and wrapping paper all over the place.
  • The gift cards from Maison Blanche (old department store in BR) and later from Walmart.
  • The year she got a VCR (after she asked for one) and asking what it was..and then telling my cousin that she couldn't watch Titanic because it was "too sad." :)

Even though Christmas was very different this year, one thing stayed the same: the Reason for the Season-Jesus. I'm reminded of how much a baby changed the entire course of history, that the Light of the World came into darkness-to seek and to save what was lost. Me. You. The entire world.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long overdue update!!!!

I didn't realize it had been since July since my last post! The past few months have been extremely busy to say the least and well, Life happens. I'm going to try get better at posting. I read other people's blogs and think "my life is not interesting enough to blog about!" Here's a recap of the past few months.

  • August- we celebrated my Maw Maw's 90th birthday. It was a lot of fun. My little cousin was upset that Granny didn't have a waterslide at her party. My mom also turned 60!(I hope I get her genes- she doesn't look 60 at all!) My parents and I went to Arkansas for a mini vacation.
  • September- I went back to Ridgecrest in NC. Amazing as usual. Met a lot of really great people and got to witness a love story (not my own!) unfold between my dear friend Andi and my new friend Jonathan.
  • October- This month is a blur and was a tough month. My Maw Maw suffered a stroke and went to be with the Lord. She lived a long life and showed us how strong she really was. I got to spend some time with her before the stroke happened and it was precious time. THe funeral was beautiful and very fitting. I sang "It is Well With my Soul." This was her request-several years ago, she heard me sing it and told me that's what she wanted me to sing at her funeral. Later on, we found the song and "How Great Thou Art" written on a napkin and tucked in her Bible. I miss her terribly, but am so blessed beyond measure and words at having her in my life. I was able to experience the body of Christ and community during this time. It was amazing to be able to know that I was being lifted up in prayer and being able to ask for it freely.
  • November- Thanksgiving- very different this year. Still, it was nice to be at home and be with my family.
  • December- busy month!! My second "niece" is due to arrive any day now, my house is all decorated for Christmas, and Andi and Jonathan are now engaged! Love being to celebrate with them. Looking forward to going home for a week and unwind.

A lot has happened in the past few months, but another great thing is on the horizon. I'm going to RWANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super excited- mom and dad are less than thrilled. (They should know by now that I like to give them heart attacks with my adventures). I'm going at the end of May for 2 weeks (3 days after I turn 30--how cool is that!) with Portico. Not sure exactly what all we'll be doing, but I know that one project is an art camp for public school kids and there is a possibility that I'll get to spend some time in an oprhanage. Super excited about that. I could just spend the entire 2 weeks there. My mom said that I can't come home with any babies. LOL Fundraising has begun for our team. We need to raise about $33,000 for 11 of us to go. This is a faith challenge for me. I know that God funds what He favors, but that's a lot of change. Please pray for our team as we fundraise and plan for this trip.

Work has been steady busy with adoption and foster care. I love it (most days!) and it fuels my passion for the heart of the orphan even more. I am so thankful that God is given me this passion and a place to serve Him. I'm learning so much from the families that I work with and they inspire me. One thing God showed me at Ridgecrest that my job is more than a job. It's my calling right now and I'm to love the people put in front of me.

Singleness- well still in this season of singleness, but am learning so much while in it. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I absolutley hate it and hate coming home to an empty house, but God is faithful. He's doing a work in me right now during this season and I know also in my future husband, wherever he may be (in the Sahara desert, with sand in his eyes, trying to find his way back to me! LOL) But seriously, there is a peace and a promise in the waiting. That's amazing to me.

I'm in a great ladies Bible Study- "The Lies that Women Believe" and it's eating my lunch right now! This week is on priorities. I'm still processing it and will write more soon. Portico is starting a women's ministry and I'm on the leadership team. I love the women that God has put together and can't wait to see what all He will do through this ministry.

Okay, I think this is enough catch up for now. (I'm not even sure who reads this anymore!) I'm going to do my best to post more frequently.