Monday, December 7, 2009


I've always believed in miracles, but haven't experienced many of them myself. Until now. And I got to experience two. A mutual friend (well, more aquaintance- friend of a friend) was hospitalized a few weeks ago with early labor at 23 weeks. She had a lot of complications and definitley would not make it to full term. My friend, Lyndsey, called and told me about it, to praying for her. This friend is a new believer and her faith is still growing. We were praying to get past 28 weeks. The outcome was grim. Saturday, R had to have an emergency c-section, she was a few days shy of 28 weeks. The baby weighed 2 lbs and 4 oz and considering all the possibilities, is doing pretty good. Lyndsey told me that she was praying that God would give R some sign of hope that the baby would be okay. The baby was born crying his lungs out and flailing. Miracle! He's got a long way to go, but for him to just have made it alive, is a miracle in itself.

Then today, I got to experience another miracle. This one is a little difficult to explain because I can't go into the details, but just know that it was a miracle that things turned out the way they did. I had a situation at work, that left us with our hands tied. It was bad and there was nothing that we could do. This morning, I prayed, "Lord, I need a miracle. There is nothing else that I can do. I can't do what needs to happen. Only You can." It was a long day, from start to finish. We had so many people praying, I was on the phone with workers, you name it. We had a time crunch of when something had to be done. I was pacing, with panic. Finally, the miracle that I had been praying for, came. The verse "For nothing is impossible with God" became so real to me.

It was not a coinicidence that this happened today, to me. My faith is has been really challenged lately- do I really believe that God can do what He says He can do? I'm not doubting my faith in Him by any means. I think that sometimes we believe God can do what He says He will with our heads, but it is not always easy to believe that with our hearts. I need to believe that God is who He says that He is, that God can do what He says that He will do. I need to believe it with my heart. Even if it takes a modern day miracle for me to see it.