Friday, October 9, 2009

Heaven is putting out the good dishes tonight

You may be wondering about the title. Tonight, my precious friend Wendi went to meet Jesus. Her mom wrote in her fb status that she was sure that Wendi was going to make sure that heaven had the "good dishes" out when she arrived. Wendi was a true Southern Belle and always talked about serving food on the good dishes. I smiled when I read that statement, because it is so true.

My heart is breaking for her family: her parents and brother, her husband and her precious 3 yr old Zoe, who is Wendi's mini-me. But despite the heartbreak and tears, there is a peace. She is in better hands now. A friend of ours said tonight, "She isn't suffering anymore." She's in the place where she longed to be more than anything else. Her lungs are working perfectly so she's able to sing praises to the Most High. She's praising her heavenly Father for eternity. I'm a bit jealous of her....she is finally home.

I was talking with a friend of mine about what I loved about Wendi.
  • Her Southern drawl
  • Her ridiculously expensive boots that she bought in New York- Wendi was proud of her stylish boots. "Girl, I just had to have them!"
  • Her love for kitchen gadgets even though she rarely cooked
  • Her encouragment to me- "You're the total package- you'll meet him one day" LOL
  • her stories about her "crazy Aunt mary"
  • the way that she made everyone feel like a close friend
  • the love that she had for her little girl
  • the time that she gave some of Zoe's baby clothes and blankets to me to help a client who needed them
  • her heart

So tonight, my heart is a little heavy, but filled with joy knowing that Wendi is finally home. Tommorrow, I'm going shopping for some kitchen gadget that I'm sure that I won't ever use...just for Wendi.

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Anonymous said...

Just a friend who happened across your blog. I have one more "Wendi-ism". Haaaay frieeeeend! She was one in a million!