Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Closer

I know it's  been forever since I've blogged. Life and wedding planning in the mix. The wedding is 5 weeks away! I can't believe it's getting that close- I've had a few "panic moments" and the wedding crazies have hit. Bridal portraits, wedding showers, travel for work..I haven't seen David in 2 weeks and will be another week before we see each other again..another reason why I can't wait to get married- no more being apart!

I had 2 showers last week- one at work and one at home. It was so great to see people that I haven't seen in years and that played a huge part in my life. One of my favorite gifts was my Kitchen aid mixer! There's a story behind that- i've always wanted one and my aunt and uncle said when I got married that would be my wedding gift. Well, I honestly thought I was going to have to buy it myself! Our running joke was when I would go on a date if they would need to buy a mixer. Needless to say when I met david, I told her to buy the mixer!!

We're making plans to combine our households into one house- mine. I have no idea where we will put everything. I've cleaned out some closets and we've had a garage sale (although not very successful). David says we need a bigger house! i just think we need to get rid of "stuff."

That's what a lot of it is: stuff. Not really useful, just taking up space. Not beneficial at all. This is something that God has been teaching me: getting rid of stuff. Stuff that is not really bad, but not beneficial or helpful at all. I recently got off of Facebook. Many people asked why, and there wasn't a major reason, just that it was something I felt God was calling me to do: it was a time sucker, drama filled (not for me, but just reading it) to me it didn't have a point anymore. And honestly, I miss having real relationship with people- community. I don't have the discpline to just limit my time on it- it was better to just cut it off completely. I'm ready to simplify- to focus on filling my life with things that are useful and beneficial. Getting rid of the stuff.

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