Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wedding Gift From Heaven

I know very people read this but I'm mainly writing this post for myself so I won't forget it. The wedding is 10 days away!!

I had two God moments this week. One was about the new Lysa Terkhurst book "Unglued." It's about dealing with your emotions. I knew this book was coming out soon and really wanted to read it. With the wedding, I feel like a complete basketcase lately. But even in other times, I feel like sometimes my emotions control me and lead me- another post for another day. Several bloggers were having giveways for this book- I entered a few thinking I wouldn't win but hoping I would win from one of them. Well, praise the Lord- i won one! I love reading Lindsey Nobles blog- great stuff on life and social justice. So thankful God knew I needed this and that we're getting ready to go on a serious money diet as a married couple.

That was God moment number one. The second one is a wedding gift from heaven. Back in 2009, I wrote a post http://heartsetonhim.blogspot.com/2009/10/heaven-is-putting-out-good-dishes.html about my dear friend Wendi. Wendi, her mom and her aunt and I were a part of a women's small group at our church probably 4- 5 years ago. Wendi passed away nearly 3 years ago after a fierce battle with illness. I loved Wendi- even though we weren't best friends, she made everyone feel like you were her closest friend. I used to tell her all about my horrible blind dates and she would just laugh and in her southern drawl say, "I just don't get it- you're the total package. what's wrong with them?"

Last week, Wendi's mom dropped off a wedding present at my office. I opened it up to find a beautiful Lenox "True Love" cake server set. My jaw hit the floor when I opened it because months ago, I had bought our toasting flutes in this same pattern (found a great sale on them!) I immediately called Mrs. Roz to thank her for the gift and to tell her about the toasting flutes. She told me she didn't get it engraved because she wasn't sure if I had one already. Then she said, "Go get it engraved. Wendi would have gotten you this and had it engraved- something you would cherish forever." I wanted to cry. I would have loved to been able to tell Wendi all about meeting David and then share with her about the engagement and wedding. Because I was single for so long, I developed a community of people who have walked this journey with me. Wendi was one of them. I like to think that Wendi sent me a wedding gift from Heaven. So tommorrow, I'll pick up the engraved server set. In 10 days, I'll picture my beautiful friend smiling down from heaven as we use them.

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S. said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding nuptials!!! I still read your blog everytime you post!!! I always get excited when I see the Beauty for Ashes come up in my reader!!!

Can't wait to see pics of your wedding...

PS. Yes Lindsey's blog is great and she is an amazing individual!!